Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You are the gate that I long to close
Your hinges as old as rocket fuel
One mighty man with tallons blew
A gail at first light and so I knew

Nothing more can be for us
Our spinal spiral trapped our nerves
Be blessed and be heard my love
But stay clear and not of my wars

You are the pillar I once climbed
A sky cry so tall your head was blind
And I, your matador, threw so many spines at you a raging bull the blood I drew

Nothing more can be for us
We wasted love on what was lust
A flood of insistence that we be so right
How wrong we were on those hot nights

And now at home as I draw close
To homely pages of our book
I praise our time but please, this know
Don't call for me - I will not look.

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