Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rest Assured

"I saw them fillet you, and lay you on the counter. Fall asleep, honest, it's coming, and it's all but undeserved. Rest assured, I will be sleeping, and of absolutely no help to you in your time of distress...."

True Happiness

"True happiness is neither true, nor a happy concept. It is merley a cruel ignorance of the reality of situation. Clouding clear judgement with the intangible mist of comfort, and producing no influence for to keep with the search, deluding us and leaving us to fish in the river of none consiquence...."

Grandpa's a packhorse

"Granpa's a packhorse these days. I saw him, he passed the window with the world in his hair. Glowing silver like the last moments of everything, the last spark of existance imploding and dancing with beautiful kinetic trickery. In that moment he was younger than his first breath, and rightly so, for his fortunes had culminated to all but the one thing he valued most, his youth and the ignorance that came with it...."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


"He sat below his fortunes, shadows cast, now melting like the frost that bit his memories, all scarred like those guys at gas stations, leather skinned and baseball capped. Filling up your dreams for all but one dollar and the scent of escape. ‘light a match, and we’ll both be gone’..."