Friday, May 27, 2011


You once said to me "what is the purpose of achievement if we die in spite of it".

Later you were to ask "what else matters if we love each other?"

Well what, my dear, is the purpose of love? We die in spite of that too.


And who knew it was all to go so wrong?

In those tender nights. As spring drew it's veil and we drove our flags high through the avenues of our youth... Be best our Sunday clothes, and fragmental our follies in the high grass. I hope for youth to retain it's meaning in you, and our memories to rotate around your blessed body as a satellite to remind you of our once being in your next skin. Let me be a line in your face at least. For in those days of old, stories untold as moments unfolded, and skin was bold and bright like the flight of a seedling. Who knew it would all go so wrong?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

When I hear the thunder clap.
It's for you.
congratulations baby on all your winnings
lay me ruined and blue
When I see your face just growing
and leaking like you do
I got to say, its all your own
if you still say you never knew...

Ive got a present for you baby
laying on my desk
I like to laugh at thinking
I ever knew you best
your a curse delivered daily
and I know you're knocking flames
like Poseidon's fractious lungs
drowning dahlia's by name

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Your lady's waiting

Be the man you claim to be
Don't waste the breathe I'm bating
I know you now and you know me
So go, your lady's waiting

She'll dress you fine you know she will
And feed you with her fame
And sit upon your window sill
Til you don't know my name

Our time was all I hungered for
The life we were creating
But I know you now and you know me
So go, your lady's waiting

Her words cascade like fountains do
Her gowns adorn your floor
And she'll be there as I hoped her to
Til I exist no more

I'd been your sweetheart and she my friend
I found you both elating
But I know you now and so I know I
should go...
Your lady's waiting.

Fickle sin.

Such besting pain befalls my veins
So slight one dawn it crippled me
Your stranded limbs flew like an encore
I sought for land but found your shore

Cocophony bleed my body dry
I tried but knew not what for
And here a stand a sorry man
On some old street at someone's door

Follow me, be with me still
I pondered against fury
I'd bless your banks against my will
And stand before your jury

But time it heels and my hard skin
Grew over all those nerves
That danced for you like fickle sin
More so than you deserved

You are the gate that I long to close
Your hinges as old as rocket fuel
One mighty man with tallons blew
A gail at first light and so I knew

Nothing more can be for us
Our spinal spiral trapped our nerves
Be blessed and be heard my love
But stay clear and not of my wars

You are the pillar I once climbed
A sky cry so tall your head was blind
And I, your matador, threw so many spines at you a raging bull the blood I drew

Nothing more can be for us
We wasted love on what was lust
A flood of insistence that we be so right
How wrong we were on those hot nights

And now at home as I draw close
To homely pages of our book
I praise our time but please, this know
Don't call for me - I will not look.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It is easy for you, lady of the lake
to claim to understand the hand from which you take
but a coward can crawl and deny any sort of undertaking
of courage and honesty in the face of such faking

she uses words and a pan pipe to utter absurdities
claiming she's living in the hollows of elder trees
whilst honking your praises for the kingdom to hear
atleast you'll always know when she's near

As the sun sets over your budding youth
and you claim to know yourself and those who love you
take a second, just one, not a few..
and ask who provided the truth

he was too scared, or young, or confident
and he broke you with words of indifference
a master of transfer its not me its her
and here i am writing words as if all this will help.