Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mile High Club

I saw you, your gilded lashes were cages for the routine dancing in your eyes. Lakes releaseing rivers down your cheeks.

He came cutting through the feilds
all high and gallant
with no cracks in his shield
a better way to die
I promise i’ll be with you
when you go, so worry not
i’ll let you know
all you forgot
cos your brain wont let you remember
yeah, your a member
of the mile high club, the fishing alliance, the boots advantage card holders, the leonard cohen fanclub, the parent teacher assosciation. your a vitctim of inflation, of the great debate, of all those things you love and hate, you won't ever let anyone, tell you what you dont want to hear, your an embracer of space and a victim of fear, you’ll let nothing destroy you, but let everything in, your overwieght now, but you used to be thin, and all that I tell you, everything's true, all integral parts of the being of you, and although you dont know it, you are happy to make true, the life that you love and the death that will take you.

The Divine Matrix

"Riding the stained glass back of glory towards the war between modern day idiocy and the Divine Matrix"